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Here’s how trade copier service works

Some traders do not have time to trade because they are busy with their jobs / business or daily activities. Meanwhile, some other traders who are new to the forex market do not know what to do or how to trade.  Trade copier is a good solution. Trade copier is an application that copies trades from one account to another account.  Simply subscribe to Forex All Stars, and then watch as the trades placed by our traders in their own MT4 account are copied directly to your MT4 account. The entire process is fully automated and occurs in real time. You can be traveling or at work or spending time any way you choose and the trades will still be executed in your account.

Advantages of Using Trade Copier Service

  • Trade copier provides opportunity to copy trades from our professional traders’ account to your individual account.
  • Subscribers do not need to spend hours of learning forex trading.
  • All the trades are instantly copied, so traders do not miss the opportunity of winning trades.  However, subscribers can still close their trade manually if they choose to.
  • Trade copier works on all MT4 platforms, so traders do not need to change brokers.
  • Setup is quick and easy.


Requirements for using trade copier service


You can use our service with any broker, as long as you use the MT4 platform

We recommend at least 20,000 USD in your trading account. However, you may still subscribe with less than the recommended balance if you decide to do so.

It is important that the MT4 account that you choose to use with our Trade Copier does not run any other EA's to avoid conflicts.

A VPS is a virtual desktop that allows you to keep your MT4 platform running at all times 24/7. We will provide you with one when you subscribe.